Did you buy your product online or in a store (but not directly through us)?

Then it is best to contact the store or online shop where you bought your product. You can also do this if your product is already out of warranty or damaged through your own fault. The store in question will work with you to find a suitable solution and, if possible, initiate a repair or supply a replacement device.


Did you buy your product directly from us? 

Then please register your product for repair via commaxx.easyrma.de. Even if your product is out of warranty, we will find a suitable solution so that you can continue to enjoy your product.


When do costs arise and for whom? 

If your product is still under warranty and has not been damaged through no fault of your own, you will of course not incur any further costs. If the product in question is no longer under warranty, it will be repaired by one of our partners. Of course, a cost estimate will be made first and the repair will only be initiated after your approval. 

In case of further questions or uncertainties we would like to hear from you.