If Whatsapp gives an error message about the date/time, then the app is not up-to-date.

To update an app on the F25, you need to go to the rightmost screen. Then tap APP, 'UPDATE' and 'Check for updates'; the F25 will now install all updates for the apps.

If this does not work, there is an error in the source file of Whatsapp.

Go to via the menu to: Settings -> Android -> Apps and notifications -> WhatsApp -> "three dots at the top right" -> delete WhatsApp 

This will reset Whatsapp to the factory settings.

When you open WhatsApp, it will tell you that it has a new version, and you can click on it.

You will then be taken to a screen where you can set the new version.

If your device does not want to install a program from an unknown source, you can give it permission to install WhatsApp.

After following these steps, Whatsapp will work properly again.

F25 Update Whatsapp alternative via browser

Go to the 2nd tab in the home screen and select Social media.

Tap Browser.

Tap the top of the internet address bar and type https://www.whatsapp.com/android/.

When the page has loaded, choose Download now> tap on Whatsapp

Once the app is downloaded, tap install.

If you are asked to install from an unknown source, allow it.

Whatsapp is now updated to the latest version. 

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